Recent Projects

Hillendale Elementary School

The E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation is honored to have been able to support Hillendale’s multi-year environmental project that not only improves the environment but is a vital educational tool, teaching children the benefits of good environmental stewardship.

Over a four-year period, the Hillendale school under the sponsorship of its Parent Teacher Organization repaired and rebuilt a stormwater basin and developed an outdoor classroom, that included the stormwater management area with wetlands plantings. The phased project has been expanded to include a trail, an upland meadow with native plantings and a forested area with native trees. Students learn about the practical aspects of stormwater management in a developed (school grounds) environment and experience a natural instead of a landscaped environment.

Pollinator Garden

Dr. Barbara Stewart, a retired veterinarian, found an unused parking area perimeter at New Bolton Center that was available for development as a pollinator garden. After securing permission, she applied to the E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation for funding. With a modest grant for native plantings and a lot of tender loving care, a barren parking perimeter was converted into a natural productive and attractive garden area. She added a seating area and has received many compliments from visitors and staff at the center.