Grant Policies

The Foundation will

  • Place the highest priority on supporting grants that align with our mission.
  • Make grants to organizations and individuals operating in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  • Make grants that will have a strong environmental impact in the SECCRA service area.
  • Place a priority on those applications that leverage additional support.
  • Make grants up to $40,000.

The Foundation will not

  • Make grants when the activities are not clearly described.
  • Make grants when the outcomes/expectations are not specific or realistic.
  • Make grants for general endowment funds, annual fund drives, debt retirement, political campaigns, religious activities, memberships in civic organizations or trade associations, courtesy advertising, tickets for benefits, and fundraising efforts.
  • Make grants to for-profit organizations.
  • Make grants to organizations that discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin or physical ability.