Proposal Guidelines for the Dockstader Foundation


The mission of the Dockstader Foundation is to actively promote educational, charitable, and scientific activities that support, enhance and optimize the natural environment in the Southern Chester County municipalities served by SECCRA (Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority). 


The natural environment is sustained on the combination of our region’s resources, commitments and skills. 

The Dockstader Foundation nurtures programs that make connections and build an understanding of our environment in this region.

The Dockstader Foundation welcomes bold ideas and challenges and supports flexibility in efforts to advance this purpose.


The Dockstader Foundation will:

  • Place the highest priority on supporting grants that align with our mission.
  • Make grants to organizations operating in SECCRA Service Area.
  • Make grants that will have a strong environmental impact in the SECCRA service area.
  • Place a priority on those applications that leverage additional support, include partner organizations, benefit larger numbers, have a lasting impact, and are more cost effective.
  • Make grants up to $40,000.

Is Less Likely to Support:

  • Projects for organization who have  an unfinished grant from a prior year.
  • Projects where the applicant is a government organization with taxing authority unless the request clearly explains why taxes cannot/are not being used to fund the project.
  • Projects to fund organizational or operational support

The Dockstader Foundation will not:

  • Make grants when the activities are not clearly described.
  • Make grants when the outcomes/expectations are not specific or realistic.
  • Projects to fund routine maintenance.
  • Make grants for general endowment funds, annual fund drives, debt retirement, political campaigns, religious activities, memberships in civic organizations or trade associations, courtesy advertising, tickets for benefits, and fundraising efforts.
  • Make grants to for-profit organizations.
  • Make grants to organizations that discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin or physical ability.

The most successful applications contain the following:

  • Alignment to the Dockstader Foundation Mission
  • Number of persons impacted
  • Duration of the impact
  • Cost in relation to the number of persons impacted and the duration
  • Partners and other funding support