Scholarships may be awarded by each of the following schools in southern Chester County: Avon Grove High School, Avon Grove Charter School, Kennett High School, Oxford Area High School, Technical College High School – Pennock’s Bridge Campus, and Unionville High School. This is a scholarship which is awarded by the staff at each school, on behalf of the Foundation. Applications must go through your school’s guidance office.


  • Declaration of intent by the applicant to pursue a degree in environmental science or environmental engineering or related course of study.
  • 33% Academics – This evaluation will include an analysis of grades and standardized test scores to establish a ranking of applicants.
  • 33% Financial need – Schools will use their resources to determine the relative need of potential applicants with preference going to those most in need of support.
  • 24% Good citizenship – Schools will rate applicants on in-school extracurricular activities and outside of school activities, with a predominant rating for in-school activities. (General letters of recommendation might be used here to augment the citizenship ranking process.
  • 10% Essay – The applicant will complete a short essay (1 page) enumerating his/her interest in the environmental sciences and desire to further his/her education in this general field.